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natural protective shield against ticks, with rockrose

“Super Protect” herbal mix helps dogs to develop a natural shield to protect them from ticks,
worms and other parasites. Food supplement for dogs of all ages and breeds.


  • Regional, natural herbs with super power
  • Particularly suitable for tick season and natural prevention of worms and parasites
  • Rockrose promotes a healthy and intact skin barrier, which is unattractive to ticks
  • Wormwood is rich in essential oils, which can repel parasites
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Coconut Flakes 29%, Rockrose 14%, Wormwood 14%, Dandelion Root, Rose Hip
Peel, Lavender, Black Cumin Seed.

Nutrition facts: crude protein 11.6%, crude fat 11.4%, crude ash 8.2%, crude fibre 14.4%.

without: Gluten, bone meal, artificial colourings, aromas and preservatives, added sugar, flavor enhancer, animal testing, GM.

Recommended daily intake
(varies according to age, breed and activity level)

Weight Amount
10 kg 1/2 tea spoon
20 kg 1 tea spoon
30 kg 2 tea spoon
40 kg 3 tea spoon

Ensure that your dog always has access to fresh drinking water.